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Newsletter Archive: 2012

Online Billing Made Easy? What a Fresh Idea!
With FreshBooks, your business is accessible everywhere, on your desktop, your smartphone, and your tablet. Hellooo cloud!

Date: 2012-12-21
Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly?
For an increasing majority of us, our mobile devices are the last things we touch before we go to bed at night and the first things we pick up and check when we wake up. Now more than ever, people are using their mobile devices to not only make phone calls and send text messages, but to access information on the Internet.

Date: 2012-12-18
Website Checks to Make Before 2013
As yet another year draws to a close, isn’t it about time you gave your website a quick review to make sure its ready for the New Year?

Date: 2012-12-04
How and Why to Make Your Website Tablet and Mobile Friendly Now
Talk about mobile and tablet usage dominates computer hardware conversations and the implications are one of the hottest topics in marketing right now as well.

Date: 2012-10-16
Building a Niche Website
Everyone who has more than 17 minutes of SEO experience and decides to start up a blog/website has visions of Mashable-like, server-crushing traffic on the day of a new iPhone launch. However within 6 months of not making it onto Techmeme once, they give up, littering the digital highway with yet another abandoned WordPress blog.

Date: 2012-10-02
Making Your Home Page Copy-tastic
Your home page is probably the most important page on your website.

Creating content to make it effective takes time, skill and quite a lot of know-how.

Date: 20121-09-12
All You Need to Know About Basic Multivariate Testing for Web Design Success
When it comes to the growth of your online business, knowing what strategies aren’t working for you is just as essential as employing those that reap good rewards. You have to weed out the ineffective measures from your overall marketing and business plan. This will save you valuable resources and let you focus on those strategies that are giving your business a good boost. And, how you will go about sorting the good eggs from the bad is the real catch here.

Date: 20121-08-28
Why build links to non-converting "fly-over" pages
You might have heard the term “fly-over”, referring to Utah and Wyoming and Colorado and Kansas and Nebraska. It refers to those states that the politicians and business travellers rarely visit, but often fly over on their trips between east coast and west coast.

Date: 20121-08-07
Tweet Your Way to Business Leads - Free Webinar
You, too, can turn Twitter into a lead-generating machine for your business! Join Paul Slack, author of Social Rules!, as he hosts a FREE 60-minute webinar to show you how.

Date: 20121-07-31
How to Optimize a Web Page in 7 Easy Steps
On-page optimization is the easiest, most learnable aspect of search engine optimization. But like all "easy" things, we sometimes forget that you can still do them wrong. Easy doesn't always mean simple. Yet, many complex tasks can be made easy with a good process.

Date: 20121-07-19
10 Videos Webmasters You Need To Watch
Google has updated its Webmaster Academy site to feature more videos. Some of the videos on the site are old, but some are brand new. None of them are incredibly long, so if you have a few minutes to spare, I recommend watching all of them.

Date: 20121-06-26
Google Penalty - Your Site Can Bounce Back Now
IIf your site has been penalized by Google and you thought it would never ever appear again in the rankings, this step of them will delight you. Google is now partially removing penalties, provided you have taken visible steps for removing the links.

Date: 20121-06-13
When Traffic Drops Over Memorial Day
I got an email today from a client freaking out because their traffic was down about 40% yesterday and Google simultaneously sent them warnings in GWt / their email. How do you chill such a client out?

Date: 20121-05-30
Google Places Autocomplete Removes The Tedium Of Address Entry Pages
I have my disagreements with Google, but we're on the level more often than not. You see, Google agrees with me that address entry pages on the Internet are stupid.

Date: 20121-05-14
How Do I Restructure My WordPress Blog Without Losing SEO?
I have a wordpress blog that was using categories in the url structure like this:

Date: 20121-05-03
WordPress Announces New API
WordPress is one of the more popular, if not most popular, blogging tools out there.

Date: 20121-04-16
Are You Constantly Removing "Conversion Friction"?
You can't underestimate the difficulty of actually persuading someone to do something.

Date: 20121-03-19
The Anatomy of a Perfect Website
Whether you're just starting out or if your current site could do with an overhaul, there are some elements that should just not be skipped over when building a website.

Date: 20121-03-01
Get More Blog Readers By Having Your Content Syndicated
For most (if not all) bloggers, one of the key metrics on how their blog has grown comes from how many readers it has.

Date: 20121-02-13
5 Essential Chrome Extensions for Website Owners
Chrome is quickly making up ground in the browser wars…and for good reason. It's simple, fast and comes with some awesome extensions and add-ons.

Date: 2012-01-25
Web-based software that will wow your customers - Get Started Free
Get started with Assistly absolutely free and empower your team to deliver awesomely responsive customer support. Work quickly and wow your customers via Email, Web, Facebook, Twitter, Live Chat and Phone

Date: 2012-01-23

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