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Breaking Bad (URLs)

By Stoney deGeyter

November 3, 2015

Web marketers have almost always believed that using keywords in URLs helped improve your search engine rankings. The exact value of keywords in URLs has always been debated with the general consensus falling between a little and not much.

Google recently said that URLs themselves are not a factor in the rankings, but personally I still think that they may carry a little weight. And even if not, there are definitely some ancillary benefits to them.

For the most part, though, it is believed that the "value" gained by changing your URLs to be more "keyword" rich is less than the potential for the loss that occurs when making such changes. That belief alone has caused many SEOs to caution against changing URLs except in the most extreme circumstances.

However, there are cases where it makes good sense to change your URLs, especially when the value outweighs the potential for loss. And one of the best times to make "keyword" upgrades to URLs is when you're upgrading your entire website. Usually URL changes are needed [...]

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