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Link penalty hits 53% of sites - is your website safe?

Low quality, spammy links put your rankings at risk of Google penalty.

Whether they result from your wrong link building moves or your competitors' negative SEO, these harmful links need to be instantly detected and neutralized.

To help you make sense of what's truly harmful for your site, we've built a tool that will automatically detect harmful links in your backlink profile and keep your rankings safe from Google's link penalties.

So, is your website safe?


Link audit of 2,097 websites penalized by Google (we've run that as an in-house test) showed that these 7 devastating link building mistakes can get your site penalized:

  Risk (28%)
Backlinks from pages with excessive outgoing links
No Google ranking

  Critical risk (82%)
Links coming from pages with the same IP (same C-class)
  High risk (65%)
Too many links with exact match anchor text
  High risk (49%)
Overoptimized anchor text and lack of anchors diversity
  Risk (31%)
Sitewide backlinks
  Risk (15%)
Backlinks from pages not indexed in Google
  Critical risk (94%)
Backlinks from spammy link directories

Why risk Google ranks and let your SEO money wasted?

Automatic Anti-Penalty Link Audit in SEO SpyGlass software will instantly show 1) the links you need to remove immediately to prevent penalty, 2) the links you need to investigate closer and make sure they won't do any harm, 3) the links you can safely have for your website.

Is your website SEO-risk-free? It so easy to find out!

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