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February 27, 2013
Mr. Thomas McMahon Do we care if web content is "above the fold"?
By Mr. Thomas McMahon
When I started working at Page One Power as a fresh faced link builder, one of the first terms that caught my ear like a poor cast was the term “above the fold.” I was familiar with the term from my journalism courses in which above the fold was a literal term for what appeared on the top of the front page of a newspaper. This would be the biggest story of the day that would be eye grabbing in hopes of selling more papers. So Al Gore (or maybe it was Sirgey Brin) decided that things at the top of a web page are of more importance than items lower down, and this has been a topic of debate ever since. So, in a digital environment where exactly is the fold?

Good question! I was told that above the fold refers to the content that is on the screen when a page loads. This is true, but it’s also confusing: the iMac I use at work has much, MUCH, better resolution than my personal laptop back home. This means that more content can be shown on the iMac than my laptop, which means that more content appears above the fold while [...]

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