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Top Articles

Test New Ways of Presenting Your Site's Information
[2009-01-21] If your website was presented before a jury of your peers, would you be found guilty of gross marketing misconduct or absolved of all charges of crimes against usability?

Learning the Basics of Website Building
[2008-10-22] Google has decided that it will make all the webmasters and users learn the basics of the internet-world from the beginning itself! According to a recent blog at the Official Google Webmaster Blog, Google elaborated on the fact that it would answer all the queries (no matter how small it is) for its users!

Building Your Website from the Ground Up
[2008-09-30] So, you have finally decided to build yourself a website, but really have no idea where to start. The following 10 steps will give you some insight into what you need to address when creating a search friendly website from the ground up.

The Best Web Checklist for Site Navigation
[2008-09-17] What this is about: This list covers issues related to a site's primary and secondary navigation menus, their effectiveness and how they are implemented from both a search engine and user perspective.

Quality BrowseRank Strategies
[2008-09-03] A few days ago I reported on how BrowseRank goes beyond PageRank to rank websites according to user behavior. Modern search engines tend to rank websites by relevancy and importance, and of course their algorithms can be gamed.

Easy Solutions to Common Wordpress Mistakes
[2008-08-18] 1. Problem: The homepage doesn't target a specific keyword combination that people actually search for.

SEO Meta Description Tags
[2008-07-29] Recently I decided to start compiling a series of search engine optimization tips. Each search engine optimization tip will be very specific, should not take a long time to fix (or to check to see if you are following the search engine optimization best practices), and will be rather "short and sweet" and directly to the point.

Five Laws For Online Publishing
[2008-07-16] Writing for buyers vs writing for cynics...

Once You Publish Content, Don't Move It!
[2008-06-30] I used to think that this was obvious because I have been doing SEO for too long. *lol* But I found that there are many clients that still do not know the single most important SEO strategy for content:

How to Increase the Google Crawl Rate for Your Website
[2008-06-25] Over at the Search Engine Journal, the resident writer Ann Smarty has written an extremely interesting post about how Webmasters can increase the Google Crawl rate for their websites.

Dot Me Domain Names Might Target Social MEdia Sites
[2008-06-03] In keeping with the focus on user generated content from social MEdia sites, it could be that this new domain name may actually get legs and walk away with a target audience currently using .name domains.

The Best Contact Form You Will Ever Use
[2008-05-14] Don't you wish you could get more information from those that fill out your web site's contact form? How did you find us? What search engine did you use? Where are you?!?

High-Quality Backlinks Can Improve Your PageRank
[2008-04-30] Online marketers often vie for the very important free traffic that they can obtain from Google's natural search results.

Blog Marketing Tips
[2008-04-02] How many times have you visited one of the many "professional" blog advice sites, and left with little more advice than the ubiquitous (and unhelpful) "build great content?"

SEO Titles For High Rankings
[2008-03-12] As we all spend more time in social media, such as Facebook, Digg, StumbleUpon or Sphinn, the ability to write catchy headlines becomes as important as it ever was.

Blogging Tips and Strategy
[2008-02-13] The Online Marketing Blog recently ran a poll asking readers which SEO tactic they plan on using most in 2008 and the winner with 25% of the vote was Blogging.

19 Steps for a 20 Minute Usability Review
[2008-01-30] Performing a complete website review is rarely easy. I've found that you can start a site analysis intending to spend just a few minutes looking over it only to find that it quickly spirals into a multi-hour marathon of research.

Increasing Your Site's Popularity Isn't Easy, But it's Possible
[2008-01-16] For whatever reason, I seem to be running into people lately who are unhappy with their Internet marketing results.

Sitemaps or No Sitemaps
[2007-12-21] I've been using Google's sitemaps tool for a few months now and built XML sitemaps for the websites I've launched (or relaunched) since summer.

Looking to HTML 5
[2007-12-12] A List Apart has a nice article on a Preview of HTML 5 that should be a good informative read for anybody who is in the web business.

Getting a New Site Indexed in 24 hours
[2007-11-28] Most SEO's will advise you to buy an existing site/domain (lots of age benefit), but there are times when you need to start from scratch with a fresh domain.

Faux Columns for Same Column Height
[2007-11-12] Are you trying to get two or more columns to appear to be the same height with CSS?

Asking for Help From Your Critics
[2007-10-30] I'm still in the middle of reading Outside-in Software Development, which reminded me that one of the easiest ways to improve a software product is to involve customers who hate the one you sold them already.

On Page Communication With Your Site Visitors Pays Off
[2007-10-15] Yesterday I added a little something to my blog post that likely went unnoticed.

Holiday Season Optimization Tips from Yahoo!
[2007-10-01] That's right - the holiday season is merely months away, and smart website owners are already starting their optimization strategies.

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